Other Resources


MIT Ombuds Office
The MIT Ombuds Office helps people express concerns, resolve disputes, manage conflicts, and learn more productive ways of communicating. It serves as an independent, confidential, neutral and informal resource to the diverse MIT community and provides a place for every voice at MIT to be heard and to receive impartial attention without fear of loss of privacy.
Website: http://web.mit.edu/ombud/
Location: Room 10-213
Phone: 617.253.5921
Hours: 9am – 5pm

Mediation@MIT offers confidential consultations about difficult conversations, difficult people, or ways to handle a dispute or conflict. The mediators are peers – members of the MIT community, trained as neutral facilitators to help the parties in a conflict to work together on the issues that are important to them. Through a completely voluntary and confidential process they help two or more people in conflict clarify their issues and goals, communicate about the situation, and try to reach a constructive resolution. The mediators do not make decisions about who is right or wrong or how things should be resolved – all decisions are made by the parties.
Website: http://studentlife.mit.edu/mediation
Location: Room W20-507
Phone: 617.258.8423
E mail: mediation(at)mit(dot)edu

Office of the Dean for Graduate Education
The Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE) is an Institute-wide support and referral office for graduate students and graduate administrators. The ODGE complements administration in individual Schools and departments and advocates broadly for graduate education.
Website: http://web.mit.edu/odge/
Location: Room 3-138
Phone: 617.253.4860
E mail: odge(at)mit(dot)edu

MIT Police
The MIT Police mission is to deliver total quality service to all the members of our community. They focus on a safe academic environment as well as emergency medical service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year long. MIT Police provide these vital services through their EMT certified officers on cruiser, motorcycle, bicycle, and foot patrols.
Website: http://web.mit.edu/cp/www/
Location: Bldg W89
Phone: 617.253.1212 or dial 100 from campus


Mental Health
Services are available to anyone in the MIT community with problems, questions, or concerns. The service provides evaluations and consultations, brief treatment (counseling/psychotherapy and medication), referrals, urgent care and group counseling.
Website: http://medweb.mit.edu/directory/services/mental_health.html
Location: Bldg E23-3rd Floor
Phone: 617.253.2916 (7am-7pm), 617.253.4481 (7pm-7am)
Walk-in Hours: M-F 2pm-4pm

Physical Health
MIT Medical offers comprehensive, high-quality physical and mental health care. Students, affiliates, staff, faculty, and post-doctoral fellows all have convenient, on-campus access to more than 25 clinical services and medical specialties, each delivered by highly qualified physicians, nurse practitioners, psychologists, physician assistants, social workers, and other health care professionals.
Website: http://medweb.mit.edu/index.html
Location: Bldg E23
Phone: 617.253.4481
Hours: M-F 8:30am-5:00pm

Substance Abuse
The Community Development and Substance Abuse (CDSA) Center for Prevention, Policy, and Research functions to serve all members of the MIT community in a comprehensive effort to enhance academic, social, and personal development.
Website: http://cdsa.mit.edu/


Stress Reduction, Mindfulness, and Relaxation
An excellent place to start looking for ways to reduce stress. There are links to classes and workshops at MIT, and other online resources. You can also find contact information for staff members who specialize in helping people cope with stress.
Website: http://medweb.mit.edu/wellness/programs/stress.html

Student Support Services
The mission of Student Support Services is to promote the academic success and holistic experience of students. It reinforces the core values of MIT by providing support in an accessible and respectful environment. They further provide advice and advocacy for students and act as a hub of resources, referrals, and information across the MIT community. They offer personal counseling for students on a variety of issues, particularly those which affect academic performance.
Website: http://web.mit.edu/counsel/www/
Location: Room 5-104
Phone: 617.253.4861
Hours: 9am – 4pm


MIT Careers Office
The Careers Office provides counseling, workshops, lectures and panels, employer recruiting, job development, preprofessional advising, alumni relations, internships and other opportunities for experiential learning, self-assessment and career research.
Website: http://web.mit.edu/career/www/
Location: Room 12-170
Phone: 617.253.4733
E mail: mitco(at)mit(dot)edu


End Violence against Women
A group of students, staff, faculty, and alumni from MIT and other schools, as well as local-area organizations, working on ending violence against women.
Website: http://web.mit.edu/end_violence/

Spouses and Partners at MIT
A support network for the wives, husbands, and significant others of MIT students, staff and faculty.
Website: http://web.mit.edu/spouses/

Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender at MIT
A group working to create a more inclusive and welcoming campus community for lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, questioning and friendly individuals, with a primary focus on students.
Website: http://web.mit.edu/lbgt/

Emergency Services
Contains links to various emergency service on campus.
Website: http://emergency.mit.edu/emergency/

Wellness Programs
Contains links to various wellness related services by MIT Medical.
Website: http://medweb.mit.edu/wellness/programs/

Religious Concerns
Contact the MIT Chaplains for any issues pertaining to religious faith or spiritual matters.
Website: http://studentlife.mit.edu/rl/mit-chaplains


We try to make sure that the information above is up-to-date. However, in case you find that any of the details above needs to be updated, please let us know. Thank you!